Die Pfarrer-Initiative





We are a movement committed to lively communities and against the closure of parishes.

It is our aim to encourage communities and to point out that their priests do not live by a devil-may-care attitude.

We are searching for new ways in a bid to keep well-tried traditions alive.

It is with pressing concern and growing dissatisfaction that we priests observe how those responsible in the local churches and in the world wide church as a whole, are currently handling the major questions and problems facing our church at the moment.




Statement of the Austrian Priests' Initiative on the Excommunication of Martha Heizer

International priest organizations and lay leaders meet in Bregenz (in Austria) to discuss church reform

Press conference on 19th June 2013: "Pope Francis - 100 days in Office" 

Appeal to Disobedience   [with Comments]

Protest – A Plea For A Credible Church


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